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Deliberative Entertainment is an independent video game design studio based in Toronto, Canada. Our purpose is to make entertaining games that give players the opportunity to experiment with different approaches to personal, social, and global challenges.

Expansive Real-time Law Enforcement Strategy

Keep the Peace is a challenging, in-depth strategy game where players lead a rural or urban police force in preventing crime, responding to emergencies, pursuing criminals, completing investigations, and making their ever-changing community a safer place. Players have free reign to determine the role of their department, and the tactics they’ll use to achieve their goals.

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Deliberative is currently interested in meeting talented developers, artists, and user experience experts. Why work with Deliberative? Well, we believe that:

Games Should Be Fun

Making a video game should be a challenging, rewarding adventure, not a stressful, soul-sucking ordeal. We’re committed to creating an enthralling environment for those who relish solving problems.

Games Should Matter

Your work is important, and it affects yourself, your team, your company, your players, and the society around you. We’re committed to ensuring that you can always see the impact of your actions and the result of your endeavours.

Games Aren’t Everything

There’s more to life than work. We’re committed to recognizing and respecting the “real” lives of our friends and teammates.

Interested in a career at Deliberative? Know someone who would be a perfect fit? We would love to hear from you.


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