Deliberative Entertainment is seeking a freelance community manager to help support the amazing fan community for Keep the Peace, an in-depth law enforcement strategy game under development for the PC. With over 2,500 registered members on our official forum and over 1,300 on Discord, the Keep the Peace community has grown into a very active group of individuals, sharing ideas for the game, testing prototype versions, giving feedback, and encouraging our development. Many community members also generously support development of the game by purchasing “Alpha Team” memberships on our website, which confer rewards including access to early prototype & alpha versions of the game. The strength of the Keep the Peace community is a crucial factor in our development success.

Community Manager
Type: Freelance
Pay: Negotiable
Location: Remote
Availability: Approx. 10 hours per week

The mission of the community manager is to maximize the strength of the Keep the Peace community, primarily by facilitating dialogue between the development team and fans. Specifically, this includes:

  • Helping fans feel comfortable and supported while they engage on our community platforms
  • Overseeing and guiding the team of moderators and helpers that coordinate with fans daily on the forums and Discord
  • Listening to feedback from fans and ensuring it is appreciated and captured in a place where the development team can act upon it
  • Sharing development updates (in collaboration with the development team), new content, and other news with fans via community platforms, social media, and email
  • Implementing strategies to improve engagement & dialogue on Discord, the forums, and other channels
  • Coordinating with streamers and social media “influencers” to maximize the impact of their engagement with the Keep the Peace community

This is a paid, remote, freelance role. Among other things, this means you will generally have the flexibility to determine when, where, and how work gets done, and will be responsible for providing whatever tools you may need to complete your work, and ensuring compliance with your local jurisdiction’s tax/income reporting requirements.